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WIM Studio, Workshop for New Materials and Solutions Created from By-Products.

In a world where the climate crisis has become an urgent concern, at Tattoo Contract we have our partner WIM Studio, which have become pioneer in the creation and production of 100% sustainable materials and solutions for interior design

At Wim Studio they use by-products from various industries, transforming them and giving them a new lease on life through innovative and durable pieces that make a difference. 


Wim studio 5 beforeWim studio 5

Pioneers in the Manufacturing of Sustainable Interior Design and Architectural Pieces.

What is considered waste by some, for our partner WIM Studio, is the perfect raw material to create customized solutions for space furnishing. 

It is a key player in transforming interior design and architecture towards a future that is fully environmentally friendly

They recycle and innovate to reduce waste and decrease reliance on non-renewable materials. 

Wim studio 4

Unique pieces without environmental impact

Circular Economy

R&D partner to manage and give a second life to their waste.

Customized Design

Creation of materials and pieces tailored to the needs of each project with quality, style, and sustainability.

Total Traceability

Knowledge about the origin of each material and guarantees that it meets the highest standards.

Constant Innovation

Continuously improvement to make it possible to create spaces that are completely environmentally friendly.

Sustainable Materials Manufactured Through Recycling Innovation within reach of any company.

Its extensive capacity enables us to transform by-products from all industries. They manufacture materials and solutions from various types of waste originating from sectors such as retail, hospitality, or construction. WIM Studio is accessible to any company because they work to make the world a better place.
Recycled textil stone

Recycled Textil Stone

Recycled textile waste to create panels, decor, furniture…

Terrazzo chips

Woods Terrazzo Chips

Recycled carpentry and stonemasonry waste in the form of terrazzo surfaces.

Material uma niko wim sudio tattoo contract

Umá Niko

Textile waste, mollusk shells and pine resin.

Contact us

Are you thinking about starting a venture in the field of sustainability? Do you want to discover the latest innovations in sustainable materials? Write to us, and our specialized team will attend to your inquiry so you can start bringing your ideas to life.

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