Tattoo formula.

Innovation and efficiency.

A successful formula backed by more than 10 years of experience in the contract sector. We create to thrill, to get to transmit the personality of each client in a close and direct way. We like challenges, thorough work and achieving excellence in each project from beginning to end: 360º of innovation and efficiency.

Integrated contract management.

We are experts in the management of all parts of the project: analysis of the design project, choice of materials, product manufacturing, purchasing management, logistics, installation, assembly and after-sales. For tattoo there are no impossible. Only possibilities.

Work process.

We have a clearly defined but flexible work process that adapts to the needs of each project and client.


We work with our project management tool, an online platform that gives the client access to all the information and documentation on the evolution of each project in real time.


We are not satisfied with doing things differently, we want to do them better. We listen, analyze, innovate and propose solutions that help reduce costs and shorten deadlines for each project.

Specialised equipment.

We offer our clients a team of experts in a wide variety of industries and materials with which we create synergies to achieve the best results in each project.

Tattoo formula.

Specialized industrial platform.

We have the endorsement of a specialized industrial platform with more than 1 million m2 of industrial surface. This allows us to offer our customers worldwide an extensive catalog of materials, products and services ranging from the most traditional to the latest technologies and innovations.

All these industries are subject to a rigorous control in order to ensure to our clients the respect of tattoo: specialization, manufacturing capacity, compliance, experience, certifications, economic solvency and financial capacity.