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Tattoo Formula. Method and capabilities

We manage each construction and equipment project in a full and personalized way. At Tattoo we have developed a work process that translates into efficiency and coordination at every step. Helping to maximize the investment made and taking care of every detail.

We are the ideal travel companion to make a contract project come true. Each project is unique and our senior team provides personalized advice from the start. We provide and select furniture, decoration, textiles, lighting, special finishes… A full FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment) service that is involved up to the logistics, the construction and the final installation.

Formula tattoo

Flexible work process

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Preliminary study

We listen and analyze each project's needs. We speak the same language as our clients to provide personalized solutions.

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Preparation of technical sheets

We detail the technical characteristics of each solution to respond to the requirements of each piece or constructive solution according to the circumstances of the project.

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Material selection and construction

We work in our technical office to choose the most appropriate materials, industrial partners, construction techniques and assembly methods for each type of project.

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Report for equipment integration

We make a detailed report of the materials and the assembly process of each part. We have our own traceability application where we include all the information available to coordinate from the early stages.

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Solution Manufacturing

We manufacture the sample at the client's request according to the criteria set for each solution. We validate it as a team and share it with other areas of the project.

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Carpentry and construction work

Our network of partners make each part of furniture and equipment to measure.

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We take care of the logistics at the national and international level. Each destination has its own requirements and we take this into account to integrate the best connections.

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Assembly and supervision

We travel to the project location to receive equipment, monitor and assembly. Coordinating and documenting each progress in our own traceability application.

Guarantee of traceability and innovation in each project

We are aware that in long-running projects such as contract or hospitality, constant communication determines efficiency and good execution.

Our technical office has an online application with which we connect all the parties involved in the process of furnishing spaces.

Mokcup trazabilidad

Real time monitoring

The central axis of any full management is communication and transparency with the client. We coordinate in real time the evolution of each phase.

We report and document each progress and communicate two-way regardless of the location of the project or the client.

An application that operates 24/7 at your fingertips that allows you to know the evolution of the work remotely. We take excellence and efficiency to the highest level.

Your contract project starts here