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Team specialized in contract projects

We speak the same language as our clients. We have a senior team specialized in different areas that manages and controls all phases of each equipment project. We are experts who analyze, advise and find the most appropriate constructive solutions and materials, knowing how they will behave in each circumstance.

Tattoo Contract professionals are specialists in custom-made contracts. We listen to the needs for each project and accompany our clients in selecting the best materials to create unique environments and experiences. We provide traceability and control in each phase. Our goal is to be your trusted partner.

Equipo tattoo contract

DNA Tattoo Contract

We have been turning ideas into reality for more than 15 years. Our philosophy is based on providing a 100% custom made service to provide high added value to each project from the beginning. We become the hands of our customers no matter where they are in the world.

Each Tattoo Contract member shares this DNA, gets involved and “tattoos” himself each project in order to always achieve the best possible results.

12 aniversario tattoo contract

Our professionals

Pablo garcia bodano

Pablo García-Bodaño

CEO & President

He loves challenges because he is passionate about working hard on them and believes that having a good team is key to achieving them. Adding to go further and innovating are a fundamental part of his philosophy.

Avelina vecino

Avelina Vecino

Responsible for Budgets & Purchases

Demanding, committed and a lover of things done well, she loves teamwork and the challenge that each project entails.

Marta ferreiro

Marta Ferreiro

Business development

Due to her experience in team management and her years living in other countries, she leads the company's projects in Latin America together with the CEO.

Jorge sole

Jorge Solé

Chief Operating Officer

This architect crossed the pond from Montevideo to settle in A Coruña and see firsthand that in this city no one is a stranger. Despite his more than 15 years of experience in the contract world, he always faces each new project as a challenge.

Manuel perez tattoo contract

Manuel Pérez

Financial Manager & Controller

An economist with an innate curiosity. His enthusiasm and involvement have led him to explore various industry sectors. Versatile and meticulous, he brings experience and value to the organization. He dedicates his free time to his family, sports, and DIY projects.

Alberto vazquez

Alberto Vázquez

Department of Budgets & Interior Design

A hopeless strategist, analytical and adaptive, Alberto is good at mixing numbers with the creative world. Interior designer, specializing in visual merchandising, he is satisfied with cohesive spaces with their own identity.

Jose luis diaz abad

José Luis Díaz Abad

Logistics & Instalation

Professional always willing to learn and lend a hand in whatever is needed. His attitude is marked by care and attention to detail.

Romina geada

Romina Geada

Projects & Architecture Department

A restless architect always willing to travel, to discover new places and cultures, and seek new challenges. Enjoy teamwork and even more if it is interdisciplinary (to be able to continue learning day by day).

Sofia lopez tattoo contract

Sofía López

Showroom Manager

Interior designer by vocation who does not settle easily. She loves to travel and learn about the history and culture of each country. Hardworking and eager to learn and innovate every day, constant, determined and dedicated to her work.

Industrial platform specialized in contract

Our team and solutions are located in a physical office located in A Coruña and another one in Madrid; facilities of more than 900 m2 that are the point of reference for professionals in the sector.

A network of specialized partners.

At Tattoo Contract we have created a broad platform of industrial collaborators who are integrated into our method and internal work team. This network supports us and allows us to create an agile and flexible structure for each project, which adapts to all demands and needs. Regardless of where in the world we manage a project, at Tattoo Contract we involve the best industrial partners to achieve the highest standards of professionalism, quality and sustainability.

Work with us

We are a company in full international expansion, made up of specialized technical profiles that allow us to carry out space equipment projects with a global perspective, anywhere on the planet. Tattoo Contract is made up of a proactive, ambitious, multidisciplinary professional team with the same DNA.

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