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MIH, sustainable materials consultancy in contract

The production of products and services requires a large amount of natural resources, and the planet has a limited capacity to offer them.

In Tattoo Contract we promote, through our partner MIH, the creation of recycled materials and by-products from other companies to reduce the carbon footprint.

We support companies and designers with waste so they can make their sustainable product or service ideas a reality.

A material library and consultancy for circular design

The consultancy specialized in circular design and materials for contract.

The MIH accompanies throughout the cycle of design, development and commercial implementation, a step beyond traditional consultancies.

Its know-how in contract converts new solutions into viable products for the market in industrial format.

Transforming companies from different productive and consumer industries into sustainable ones, by reducing their impact on the environment.

Mih europe mesa mari

A growing innovative HUB

  • 250 Materials and Technology Samples
  • 60 Completed projects
  • 120 Satisfied customers

Sustainability to drive the sector forward

Material Library

Meeting point in which to see and interact with the most innovative materials in terms of sustainability and performance.

Design consulting

Personalized support from start to finish. Involvement in the production processes and analysis the possible waste and residues to give them a second life.

Circle Economy

Innovation and research for the creation of local and environmentally friendly materials, solutions and strategies.

Innovative materials made from by-products

At MIH they have an exclusive catalog of innovative materials of our own, made from by-products of organic and inorganic materials. We employ circular economy and I+D+i to achieve the highest standards of efficiency, strength and durability.
Pergamino de cuero

Leather Scroll

Ilo de botellas y algodon reciclado

Bottle yarn and recycled cotton

Bioplastico de algas

Algae bioplastic

Tablero flexible madera

Flexible board 100% wood. Natural colouring

Cuero de piel de lucio

Pike skin leather

Biopolyetileno y conchas de ostras

Biopolyethylene and oyster shells

Madera quemada para tratamiento no quimico

Burnt wood for non-chemical treatment

Pergamino de cuero grabado 3d

Leather scroll. Custom 3D Engraving

Azulejo escamas de pescado

Tile. 100% Fish Scales

A Tattoo Contract & Y initiative by Maker

Contact us

Are you thinking about taking action in the area of sustainability? Do you want to discover the latest innovations in sustainable materials? Write to us and our specialized team will answer your query so that you can start making your ideas come true.

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