Work process.

We have a clearly defined but flexible work process that adapts to the needs of each project and client.

We offer full control of the entire process, from the choice of material to manufacturing, distribution, assembly and after-sales.



We believe in dialogue with the client to understand the needs of each project. We speak the same language as our clients and work as a team to understand and adjust to each project and provide customized solutions.

Technical data sheet

After receiving from the study the technical sheet of the piece sought, we analyze its characteristics to know the specific needs of each element.

Materials selection and construction

We work in our technical office and factory to provide our experience in materials and construction, selecting the materials and construction and assembly techniques that work best for each piece.

Profit and loss report

Once the materials and constructions have been selected, we send a detailed report to the client about the materials and the construction process of each one.


Once validated, we manufacture the sample at the request of the client.


In case the client needs it, we can also take care of the logistics part nationally and internationally depending on the needs of each project.

Assembly and supervision

We move to the location where the project is developed and monitor the different phases of the project, as well as the assembly at any strategic logistics point. In addition, thanks to our tools, customers can track the entire project from anywhere in the world.


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