Stand Milessime.

Integral manufacturing and assembly

Our team had only 14 days of work from the reception of the first sketch and render to shape the challenge proposed by the famous designer Raquel Chamorro; an integral project of manufacture and assembly of an ephemeral place where gastronomy, luxury and sensory paths were the protagonists.

We needed just a little more than two weeks to determine the design, choose the most suitable materials, make the plans, manufacture each piece and manage the purchase of the lighting materials (using backlit panels, indirect lighting and artistic lighting pieces of the Galician firm Arturo Alvarez) and furniture (bars, tables, paneling, counters….). We dedicated just one and a half day to logistics and assembly of the place of 300 m2 in which we integrated different industries and supplier brands to create a unique space.

Manufacture and assembly

Project delivery fully completed.

14 days

Two weeks from the concept to the staging with the manufacture and assembly.

8 industries

Integration of wood, metal, lighting, Solid Surface, textiles and furniture.

300 m2

An ephemeral place characterized by luxury and sensory paths.

Stand Milessime.

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