Show Dubai Hotel.

Stand of diverse materials and with different technologies

We surprised everyone with an original stand at the Dubai Hotel Show, which allowed us to convey to customers the ability we have to integrate different materials and technologies. For that, our research and design departments created this hexagonal stand composed of modular composite pieces, made of some of the different raw materials with which we work in our projects: metals, wood, solid surface, composites or textiles.

To this we add audiovisual technology with a high quality sound system hidden in the stand’s own wall, LED screens and large format television. All this accompanied by Custom Made furniture, which featured a custom-made interactive table in which we integrated a giant tablet-like screen and it delighted visitors.

LED Technology

Audiovisual technology with maximum definition.


An innovative and changing stand that made the show stand out.

6 industries

Integration of wood, metal, Solid Surface, audiovisual, stone and textile industries.

Large dimensions

A stand as big as a movie screen.

Show Dubai Hotel.

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