Saudi Arabia Railway.

Integral furnishing of railway stations

We handled the integral furnishing of the six main railway stations in Saudi Arabia. In collaboration with our Saudi Arabian partner, we developed custom-made designs, combined with custom made furniture for the common areas of the station, VIP areas, restaurants and coffee shops, information counters and ticket sales, customer service areas, car rental desks, vending areas and sanctuaries.

Starting from the first idea of design, we took care of the interpretation of the renders and the selection of the materials, even the manufacture. In our facilities the manufacturing and packaging of the materials were carried out. In addition, we were in charge of stowage, transportation and all logistics until they arrived at their destination in the country.

6 stations

Train stations in a territory of 1250 km across the desert.

112 containers

For 35 days and more than 7,000 km distance

7,000 hours of installation

Quality control and certifications on site.

2 countries

More than 6,600 km between Spain and Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Railway.

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