Lopesan Hotel, Dominican Republic.

Furniture, decoration and illumination

We handled all the customized equipment of interior and exterior furniture, decoration (curtains, carpets, art and decoration, vegetation, decorative accessories, wall painting…) and lighting for the common areas of the hotel.

In addition, we took care of the entire logistics part, with a team in the Dominican Republic responsible for receiving the merchandise, solving errors and putting the entire turnkey assembly with hundreds of assemblers to tototally satisfy the client. Thanks to our app, we were able to organize and manage the project easily, controlling all the progress and the execution of the works from any country, working as a team and solving any incident immediately.

100 containers

More than one hundred containers for the logistics.

6 months

The shortest deadline for installation and assembly starting from the receipt of the concept.

49 suppliers

Purchasing management with more than fifty suppliers.

2 countries

Project management from Spain with an architecture studio in the USA and assembly in Dominican Republic.

Lopesan Hotel, Dominican Republic.

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