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Enrique Tomás Ham Shop, Hospitalet de Llobregat

Constructive solutions and equipment

The secret to the success of a business with a history of 40 years goes far beyond the quality of its products. In the case of the Enrique Tomás ham shop chain, its greatest achievement has been to provide a distinguishable experience, recognizable by the public and, of course, exclusive.

To achieve this, the equipment and configuration of its locations are essential since they are the place where everything begins. For this reason, at Tattoo Contract, we wanted to keep that essence intact in its new location in the La Farga shopping center, in Hospitalet de Llobregat.

We advise, design and build a commercial space

A turnkey project in which we took care of the integration of the best industrial and construction partners, among which Desarrolla stands out. A great qualified and experienced team with which we gave life to an open, functional and welcoming space, where the essence of Enrique Tomás is lived and his gourmet product stands out: Iberian ham.

Full management with customized solutions

100% custom made

More than 200 m²

4 partners

5 differentiated areas

Create unique spaces with us