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Doha subway, Qatar

Full management 100% custom made

At Tattoo Contract we dealt with the lighting project for the Doha, Qatar metro stations, putting our know-how and capabilities at the service of your requirements. Something that allowed us to successfully overcome them with an excellent result, in which design and innovative materials are the protagonists.

The work process began with the meticulous study of the architecture and interior design project, from which we made the choice of materials and the most appropriate technique. Finally, we verified that the best solution to solve the construction of the ingenious roof was to work with molds and carbon fiber parts. This gave rise to a system of lamps in which everything fits together, integrating propellers, triangular lamps and acoustic petals with fully washable leather textures.

Management of multidisciplinary teams

We took care of integrating different industries (metallic, lighting, composites and acoustic panels) and companies such as Cotecno, Ecophon (from the Saint Gobain group) and Osram to achieve a solution 100% custom made, which has resulted in simple and easy-to-install installations that save our customers time and costs.

International contract project

Maximum demand

Multidisciplinary team

4 industrial partners

Management 7,000 km afar

Doha Metro

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