Cuatro Caminos Shopping Center.

Decoration & restyling in a very short time

The evolution of retail spaces is unstoppable as brands redefine what it means to have a physical space. Understanding how, when, and why the engagement occurs between customers and physical stores, identifying new opportunities, and providing impulses to visit them, creating experiences that connect with the emotional elements are all a challenge.

The attention to detail is, on many occasions, what changes an experience and the memory that it generates in the user. With this in mind, our goal was to conceive a place in which people want to be. To that end, we took care of the decoration and restyling of this mall. We transformed both the interior (ceilings, doors, stairs, railings and walls) and the exterior images (roofs and windows). We also redesigned the intervention of stands (signage, children’s and rest areas, interior terraces, pop-up stores and entrance mats) using the best lighting, audiovisual materials, equipment and decoration.

Innovative materials

Solutions with digital printing on wood and metal.

4 industries

Working at night and on Sundays to facilitate coexistence with the working hours of the center.

Adjusted schedule

Furniture, carpentry, lighting, signage and painting.

3 interventions

Interior, exterior image and stands.

Cuatro Caminos Shopping Center.

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