Interview with Pablo García Bodaño, founder and CEO of Tattoo.

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Pablo García Bodaño is the founder and CEO of the Tattoo company (an industrial platform with a clear international vision) and a founder member of the Workshop Contract project based in Galicia. He began his professional career in the contract market more than 15 years ago. He has held management positions in other companies related to the contract sector, and currently continue running companies, in addition to the Tattoo Project & Workshop, its international branches in Arab countries and in the United States.

Pablo García Bodaño CEO tattoo

Tattoo is dedicated to equipping all kinds of spaces with innovative projects that are always tailored to customer needs. In addition to personalization, as a basic pillar of your strategy, what other values are associated with the brand?

The ability to offer comprehensive solutions based on the industry experience that makes up the Tattoo platform, which we coordinate and manage in each project seeking customer satisfaction. Besides that, with an effort of constant innovation, Tattoo always tries to procure the best and the most suitable materials for its clients’ projects because we have control, knowledge and experience over the entire value chain, that is, procuring good material, a sound industry to transform it and a good installation and after-sales team.

The contract channel is a multisectoral channel that has been growing in recent years, in which Tattoo has found its place. How do the possibilities of this channel relate to the international expansion of a brand like yours?

We can say that there is a direct relationship. Because since our establishment as a brand, our orientation has been 100% contract. In fact, in the beginning, the Tattoo brand was accompanied by the word contract and we always said that we, all of us, carried so within the mindset of contract work, that we tattooed it.

Within Tattoo’s strategy, one of the most important pillars of contract projects has always been taken into account, which is to have control of the entire contract chain, no matter how far away the project is, even if it is in another country. This has led us to make agreements with local partners from different industries that provide a differential value in the projects in which Tattoo is involved.

Talking about Tattoo is talking about a window to the world, what are the current projections for the company?

As a company founded 8 years ago with a 100% international vision, motivated by the prevailing the situation in Spain at that time, Tattoo is now gaining greater importance in the Spanish market. And now that we have carried out and demonstrated our work in different projects abroad, more and more customers in Spain are calling us and demanding our services. And of course we continue working to strengthen our position with industries and companies that complement us substantially in the international markets that we have been targeting from the beginning, such as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and the market that we work from Florida (We currently have projects in Miami, the Dominican Republic and Mexico).

What is the role of research, within the ‘lab’ division, in order to survive in an increasingly demanding and competitive market?

Constant innovation and always being a benchmark in this field for customers is very important for Tattoo. So once our clients’ projects are in our hands, we procure the most suitable materials to shape their projects taking into account the design, functionality and, of course, the budget.

To this end, we have inaugurated an innovation center for new materials for the contract in the Alvedro industrial park in the City of La Coruña. A center of reference in which we organize workshops and practical demonstrations of different materials and products such as solid surface, digital printing on wood, metal, audiovisual solutions, textiles, etc. Undoubtedly a very innovative meeting place in Galicia and in Spain, which is visited by professionals in this market, such as industrialists, architects and interior designers, among others.

What do you consider Tattoo’s strengths to stand out within the national market?

Of course, the agreement and fulfillment of our projects, the ability and, I always like to say, that the intelligence of uniting the companies and specialized industries under the direction of Tattoo. In this way, in our clients’ projects we offer the best version of each one of us, carrying out what we are specialized in and combining all this under the same company for the client.

Finally, what are the next steps to follow in the international establishment of Tattoo?

We can say that we finish consolidating our presence in the markets in which we are currently working. This is very important to us and it is what we are focusing on: successfully finalizing the projects of which we are currently fortunate to be a part, so that these projects serve as a reference to continue convincing the clients who have projects in the areas where Tattoo provides services and that they can work with us, with a team with full guarantees. And, of course, to continue our efforts to strengthen the team with complementary industries in the countries that we work.