CasaClub: Tattoo’s New Challenge

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Tattoo has won the contest for developing the new CasaClub vertical design and will also be in charge of the restyling of its headquarters in Madrid.

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CasaClub Design: A Revolution in the Contract Sector

CasaClub is a business club, with its headquarters in Madrid and Marbella, whose aim is to offer a special place to share and cultivate friendship among all its members. On the one hand, it is a house, an excellent space to enjoy the Madrid sky from its terrace, chat with friends or have a drink. On the other hand, it is a club with a novel concept which adapts to the needs of each business person, allowing them to contact people with the same interests. This has made CasaClub a landmark in the world of business and events in Madrid, an ideal space to hold meetings with personalized service and a perfect ambience with interesting cultural offerings.

Pursuant to its growth target, CasaClub opens a new vertical design aimed at creating a meeting point for professionals in architecture, interior design and decoration.This is how CasaClub Design was born, an exhibition and co-learning space in which different partners can share their secrets with architects, interior designers and entrepreneurs. With a new interactive concept, Tattoo will be in charge of integrating and coordinating creators, transformers and installers of the best materials and equipment.

This commitment is strengthened by a new gastronomic offer based on seasonal and product cuisine coordinated by Jorge Dávila, a leading professional in the gastronomy sector at the national level. In this way, CasaClub aims to become a gastronomic reference, which includes incorporation of first-class hospitality managers and outstanding major international brands.

The Renewed Nature of CasaClub  

Besides CasaClub Design, in Tattoo we will also be responsible for restyling of the CasaClub headquarters in Madrid. Our objective is to integrate the value chains of industries, products, services and professionals to offer a specialized response to the needs of interior design and equipment of CasaClub within a short time frame.

With the idea of maintaining the essence of CasaClub, we will take care of the conceptual and decorative part through incorporation of new professionals, industries and materials:

  • Natural stone with innovative manufacturing solutions such as minimum thickness, backlighting and combination with other materials for furniture and coatings.
  • Digital printing on metal and wood surfaces that allow us to make incredible wall and floor coverings, along with vinyl floors widely used for its versatility, design and functionality
  • Fireproof, waterproof and super resistant PVC coatings that allow us to give a second life to the existing furniture and coatings
  • Artistic moldings and cornice solutions to be combined with our LED lighting industry
  • Furniture and wall and floor coverings in ceramic and Solid Surface (Staron), which we will combine with furniture from different firms.
  • Textiles that will give a different touch to each space in the form of curtains, screens, and japanese panels.
  • Modern audiovisual solutions adapted to the needs of a home, especially in the HUB and in the reception.
  • Architectural lighting implemented in the form of art pieces.

In Tattoo, we will integrate and harmoniously combine all these elements in a project that, without a doubt, will radically change different rooms of CasaClub, but always maintain the nature of the unique spaces.

The trust placed by CasaClub in Tattoo both for the restyling of its Madrid headquarters and for leading a commitment that will revolutionize the world of contract business in Madrid makes us very proud. As the four-year commitment shows, we are convinced that we will continue to grow and spread to other devisions of the CasaClub, such as its headquarters in Marbella, where we will soon be working.