Tattoo moves its offices to Workshop Contract

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Thanks to the transfer of the entire team, our Galician equipment company will offer a holistic experience to our clients in this space, which has become the interior design and architecture showroom par excellence in Galicia.

After more than a year in operation and once the Workshop Contract initiative has been well received by the professional group of Galician architecture and interior design, from Tattoo we take a step further and from now on we will offer a holistic experience to our clients in this space, thanks to the transfer in the coming weeks of the entire structure to two industrial warehouses in the Alvedro Business Park (A Coruña) that are adjacent to the showroom. “With the transfer to Workshop Contract, the client will be able to have a 360-degree view of everything we can offer: they will have our professional advice and will also be able to see and touch the product in situ”, explains Pablo García-Bodaño, CEO of Tattoo.

Tattoo promotes ‘Make Up Solutions’ One of the most innovative initiatives that can be seen in Workshop Contract by Tattoo are the ‘MakeUp Solutions that aim to facilitate reforms in all kinds of restaurant spaces, commercial premises, etc. An authentic ‘makeup’ for interior architecture and pre-existing furniture based on a series of very clean materials, which can be ecological and recycled, current and simple materials to adapt offices, premises, hotels, etc. It is a dry work, which avoids dust, dirt and noise and is also very fast.

In Tattoo we also provide from Workshop Contract advice to optimize costs, formats and we take care that delivery times are met.

On the other hand, at Tattoo we have recently launched in the Workshop Contract the MIH Material Innovation Hub area, a ‘materioteca’ of innovative and sustainable materials, in line with the circular economy criteria.

Workshop Contract: a reference in Galicia for professionals in architecture and interior design.

The Galician architecture and interior design sector has its reference point in Workshop Contract –located in the Alvedro business park, in Culleredo (A Coruña) a incredible showroom of innovative materials for contract projects, which is led by Tattoo.

It is a multidisciplinary space, with free access, where you can find a wide range of innovative products for the design of spaces.