Tattoo makes Nayra Iglesias’s designs come true for Marbella Design

By November 17, 2020 No Comments

The interior designer and architect Nayra Iglesias will present the new concept of Le Sud hotel suite, which seeks the connection with nature from a very contemporary perspective.

Starting from the concept idea and the design project of Nayra Iglesias, from Tattoo we are the company responsible for materializing it and making it come true to the last detail. In addition, through our Vessel furniture brand, we have custom manufactured various pieces of the suite.

Within the framework of the Marbella Design interior design, design and high decoration fair, which will be held from September 24 to October 3, 2020 in Marbella, the interior designer and architect Nayra Iglesias, in charge of In Out Studio, collaborates with our company expert in contract, in a new concept of hotel suite, called Le Sud.

With the task of coordinating both logistics and technically all the companies that participate in this project, we are an essential partner for the staging of this spectacular hotel suite, whose style is contemporary and that seeks the connection with nature, with the mind set in the future but keeping our feet on the ground. From tattoo we have also assumed the installation of this space in record time.

Likewise, through our brand specialized in resin pieces and artistic paintings for hotels, restaurants and retail, Vessel, we will deploy our custom made service capacity in this project, shaping the spectacular design of various pieces of furniture for the suite.

“I think the public attending Marbella Design is going to be very surprised by the result obtained in the suite designed by Nayra Iglesias. At tattoo we are proud of this work because it is the result of our fully integrating service, from design to staging, through the selection of the best materials and transforming industries “, says Pablo García-Bodaño, President & CEO of Tattoo.

Photo: Gonzalo Botet