Digital printing


Digital printing

We are the distributor of BARINSA in Galicia, a company specialized in digital printing for interiors, on various flat surfaces such as aluminum composite (Kobert-In), raw OSB board, raw or melamine-coated MDF board (Bright-In and Matt-In) or foamed PVC. Thus we stand out in the market for using high technology in scanning and pre-printing that generates high definition qualities, textures and 3D effects.

The product range includes both coatings and products intended for both laminated (Kronoswiss) and vinyl floorings (Allure / Aspecta) or on tongue and groove printed OSB (Delta Vintage).

Apart from the standard range of finishes, this technology allows to customize finishes at the client’s request without the need for a large amount of minimum order. (e.g. a natural stone is scanned and the printed image is generated on the desired surface).

Digital printing.

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