Ceramic materials


Ceramic materials

We are the distributor for Galicia of APE GRUPO, one of the largest marketers of ceramic products in Spain. Specialized in supplying floorings and coatings for projects with more than 189 collections, with the ability of manufacturing custom-made series and special pieces, with a notable value of having the great variety and the interior/exterior continuity of their products. These would be the catalogs that we consider to be the most ‘powerful’:

  • The CARMEN brand focused on special tiles and small formats.
  • WABI SABI, in our opinion, is the most complete brand since it includes cements, marbles and woods with transition pieces between floorings and coatings.
  • POOLS With great possibilities of special pieces and interior/exterior integration of the series.
  • APE SLABS, Builk focuses on large formas with 7 collections.

We also have 7 Italian brands exclusively for Galicia, both for ceramic materials and for taps, sinks and toilets.

With this wide range, we cover from the largest formats to small handcrafted artistic pieces and vitreous glass mosaics, with multiple thicknesses and finishes for all uses and needs.

It is also covered from the smallest to the largest volume projects, making it possible to develop series of coatings/floors and even customized taps without the need for large amount of minimum orders.

In this way, we combine the latest trends in the Italian products with the power and versatility of the ceramic industry in Eastern Spain.

Ceramic materials.

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